Welcome to the Valencia Corridor Merchants Association

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What are we currently working on?

  • Supporting corridor individuality by actively opposing Formula Retail stores coming to the neighborhood; we aggressively defend our independent roots
  • Designing an updated version of our merchant map of the corridor
  • Working with city supervisors on adding new legislation for conditional use on full service restaurants on the corridor
  • Communicating with Sunday Streets representatives to get longer routes and more dates for the neighborhood, as well as making it easier for vendors and restaurants on the corridor to sell the goods/services during the event

How much does it cost to join?

It costs $49/year to join the VCMA. See membership criteria below.

How do I join?

First determine if you qualify as a Member, Associate Member or other supporter of the VCMA using the information below. Then Join Now.

Membership and Supporters:
Members are defined as merchants with a retail presence on the Valencia Corridor (VC)*, actively and legally selling retail Products or Wares, Tangible Personal Services, food or beverages, and/or Entertainment.

* Products or Wares are tangible items a consumer purchases in a storefront with an address on the VC; this includes typical retail purchases.

* Tangible Personal Services are benefits a consumer receives at a business location on the VC; this includes services and classes such as Yoga, Salons, Birthing classes, Acupuncture, etc.

* Entertainment includes music and comedy venues, plays and dance performances, movie theaters and similar businesses.

Members receive all the benefits provided by the VCMA and have voting rights

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Associate Members are all other businesses that do not fulfill the Member definition above, including organizations such as Financial Institutions, Professional Services, Office-Only Businesses, and are located within the VC; OR those that do fulfill the definition of Member, but which are located outside of the geographic boundaries.

Associate Members receive all the benefits provided by the VCMA but do not have voting rights

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Fans are business or individuals not eligible to become Members or Associate Members that would like to be commit to annual membership dues.

Support as a Fan

A Sponsor is any business, individual or other entity that sponsors a specific event, fund drive or other occasion on an intermittent basis.

Support as a Sponsor

*The Valencia Corridor (VC) is defined as Valencia Street extending from Market to Cesar Chavez Streets, including the side streets up to – but not including – Mission and Guerrero Streets.

What will fees go toward?

Membership dues:

  • Admin support of the VCMA. We’re all busy; we all work in our businesses and despite that, the VCMA has accomplished quite a lot during our brief tenure. We intend to hire someone to do the busy work for us as well as help us more effectively accomplish our goals.
  • Website support
  • Championing causes supporting our mission
  • Sponsoring 2 or 3 annual Corridor PR events. Currently we offer the Annual Sidewalk Sale and the Holiday Block Party. Members who participate will be included in our web/poster/PR copy and receive notable discounts on costs, if any, for events.
  • Member Socials. Meet and network with your neighbors. Have a beverage and a snack while you learn about how others are succeeding on the Corridor
  • Neighborhood enhancement, beautification, and safety
  • and much, much more. Come to the meetings, give us your ideas!