2015 Board of Director Nominees


(in alphabetical order)

Dijital Fix

I am the owner of Dijital Fix, a design + electronics lifestyle store located on Valencia and 19th. I have always been a community builder, whether that has been in the form of organizing tenant unions in my NYC apartment buildings, forming and organizing a 5-year, 40-person Burning Man theme camp, or running a bi-coastal business. I’m a serial entrepreneur of 4 businesses in 10 years, and have been forming micro-companies since the age of 12. I’m highly technologically proficient and organized, he would be a productive board member and bring experience in business legal matters, website design, content management, event planning and execution.

*DEMA GRIM (Director)

Hi everyone! I’ve had my shop on Valencia longer than I care to ponder- 17 years! I’ve seen so many ups and downs on this street and in the neighborhood – most positive and some downright appalling. I care deeply about preserving the kookiness of the Mission and the Valencia Corridor. The transition to sleek glass and steel and $5000+ per month condos is deeply insulting to me and I am committed to working against further homogenizing of our wonderful community!


Accident & Artifact

Hello! I’m Martin Holden. Since 2011, I’ve owned an odd little shop on Valencia Street called Accident & Artifact. Before becoming a shopkeeper, I was by turns a geologist, ecologist, bookseller, and a writer — including a long stint as the architecture columnist for San Francisco Magazine. I currently serve on the board of the 2430 Arts Alliance, a nonprofit supporting cultural activities in Berkeley. Previously, I was a director of the Claremont Canyon Conservancy, a community-based environmental group in the East Bay. My particular interests in the VCMA’s mission include the preservation of the Valencia Corridor’s idiosyncratic character, and the promotion of social justice in this time of dramatic demographic change.

Little Paper Planes

I’m Kelly Lynn Jones and run Little Paper Planes as well as an artist. I have had my storefront on Valencia for almost 2 years now and am committed to being part of this community and making sure it is a street that serves its small businesses and the people who live here. I currently also live in the Mission and have been living in the Bay Area on and off since 1995. I have went to both undergrad and grad school here for the arts and am active within the art community here. My mission for LPP is to support artists in curatorial, manufacturing, print and publishing projects. It is important to me to be an advocate for the arts in the Mission which is why I feel I could be a good addition to the board.

*HALEY LYNN (Secretary)
Five and Diamond

Thank you so much for considering me for a second term on the VCMA board. I am very happy to be a part of such a great organization and hope to continue helping to improve our neighborhood. I have been a San Francisco resident for 12 years and have lived in the Mission for the past 7 years. I own a business in the Valencia Corridor and am dedicated to building and maintaining our community. I very much agree with the VCMA mission statement and strongly believe our goal of maintaining the unique identity and independent spirit of the neighborhood.

West of Pecos

Howdy Par’ners! Tyler MacNiven here, one of the three MacNiven brothers that owns and operates West of Pecos over here at 550 Valencia. I’ve lived two blocks away for eight years and been open for business nearly three. Such a rough commute! It brings me great pride to be part of this phenomenal street. We are an extremely unique and special corridor, and all of us working together to encourage success and community will continue to make Valencia a destination for folks near and far. I would like to be on the VMCA board to share my views of what Valencia is today, and dream together of what it can be tomorrow.

Mission Bicycle

I’ve lived here in the Mission District for a decade and have managed Mission Bicycle Company for +5 years. I’m invested as both a resident and merchant.

I have merchant experience (3 years owning, 5 years managing), I’ve spent 2 years on staff at a Chamber of Commerce, and I’ve acquired skills working 7 years in corporate America. So I bring a variety of perspectives to the table.

During my time on the board, I’ve tried to focus on creative strategies, research, negotiating skills, and diplomacy.

Heliotrope / Acacia

I truly believe in community, being involved with your neighbors, and the power we have when we work together towards a common goal. I was very happy to become involved with the VCMA as soon as I opened my shop on Valencia St, and was thrilled to become an official Board Member soon after. I’ve been able to bring my skills (both professional and personal) to this group, and I believe I represent the Valencia Corridor well on the city-wide Council of District Merchant Associations.

It’s important to keep our voices heard – to promote small, independently owned businesses; to balance our business needs with our needs as citizens of San Francisco; to protect the unique atmosphere of our Valencia Corridor. It’s hard work, but I’ve loved doing it, and really appreciate all the dedication my colleagues on the Board have shown.

I’d be honored to continue my service on the Board. Thanks for your vote!

*SEAN QUIGLEY (President)
Paxton Gate & Paxton Gate’s Curiosities for Kids

I still contend that a year ago I was strong-armed into taking on the role of president of the VCMA but concede that thanks to a great Board of Directors the task hasn’t been nearly as daunting as I feared. With such committed volunteers we’ve been able to distribute the responsibility and when one Director is busy, there’s always someone to take up the slack. Over the last year we reached all of my personal goals for the VCMA including securing non-profit status, setting up a new more efficient organizational structure, and hiring outside help to name just a few. As a fiercely local member of the neighborhood, I would be proud to stay on as a member of the VCMA Board in order to help ensure that the neighborhood in which I live and work stays unique, special and maybe even a little strange.

Ritual Coffee Roasters

Valencia Street is an incredibly special place. I looked for a spot to open my first cafe for over two years, knowing that Valencia St was where I wanted to be. I first got involved with other merchants and neighborhood groups when American Apparel tried to open, back in 2009. And I’m proud to say that a company like American Apparel would now come to the VCMA to feel out whether they would be welcome before leasing space or applying for permits. Though I’ve opened 3 locations since the original Ritual, Valencia will always be where my heart is, which is why I would like to remain an active board member of the VCMA. The VCMA is made up of an incredibly creative, smart, and forward-thinking group. I genuinely enjoy coming to board meetings and feel like I have ideas and energy to contribute to keeping Valencia Street the diverse and thriving ecosystem for small business that it is.

Weston Wear

I work for Julie Weston, who has been a San Francisco designer for over 30 years. She is a Bay Area native and has kept designing and manufacturing core to her design aesthetic come what may to our economy. As a clothing company, we have weathered many economic ups and downs, but have always stayed true to our brand: shop local. I feel we should have a voice in the Valencia Street Corridor Business association because we have had to innovate to keep our business alive and thriving. I think that there have been opportunities to share our opinion in terms of who should open their doors in the Mission, and I would love to be a part of the membership. I don’t ever advocate myself, I just felt by being part of the group, this would allow us as to have a stronger voice.

* signifies incumbent